Larrikins Online Training System
We're online, we're killing it, and we're keeping sane together!
Working out is a big part of keeping mentally healthy, so is human connection. And while we can't hang out in person we're doing the next best thing!
Lots of FB group chats, live video workouts, jumping on the phone, texting away.
We're in this for the long haul.
Since we opened in 2017 we've had motivation, great people, and fitness (if there's time) as our cornerstones. Moving to an online platform, nothing's changed except the fist bumps are digital these days!
Keep up your good routines, they'll save you.
$15.95 p/week includes

- 11 Live classes

- Full class recordings to

watch in your own time

- App-delivered workout &

warmup the night before

- 3 Live Booty Classes

- Live SUPER Saturday

- Athlete Video Reviews

More info!
Let's talk.


Ph: 0414 880 708

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