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Saturday - 21 July 2018

This Saturday we're hitting the Hero workout "Saman". Dude was retired, came back because he could help. Just a bloke doing the right thing. All welcome. We'll pass the donation hat around, all $$ going to the family. So great that all the boys got rescued out of the cave. Being in darkness is scary enough! Being in total darkness, water right there, my mind would probably be playing all kinds of tricks, my imagination is running off with it, it's no fun. Our CrossFit cousins at CrossFit Chiang Mai have made this workout and are in the process of setting up a donation portal for Saman's family. Happy to scale any moves, we'll run waves if a lot of folks come in. Spectators/kids/doggos all welcome. Saman’s widow, Waleeporn Kunan: "Saman once said we never knew when we would die. We can't control that, so we need to cherish every day.”

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