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Wednesday - 30/1/2019

Hope y'all have been SUPPORTING yourselves through January like Marni did in this photo! Jan is tough, well, a little tougher. If you had a "lit" December with xmas parties & a 3-day NYE, getting back on the wagon with food, exercise, etc, can be a pain in the bits. But if you have the SECRET FORMULA you can be back in the saddle in under 30 seconds... - Look in the mirror - Scream "LET'S F**KING DO THIS MATE!" - Run out of the house (no time for shoes).

Catch ya tomorrow for PLATE PINCH CARRY!

AMRAP 20: 50 Sit-Ups 100m Left Hand Plate Pinch Carry 100m Right Hand Plate Pinch Carry 20 Weighted Step Ups

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