November Update!

The Littlest CrossFitters have been having a blast! Well, I mean I guess they have, what does it mean when they run around yelling and laughing and challenging their coaches to handstand competitions?

Big treat for the kids this semester! To celebrate the first year of Little Larrikins the coaches have arranged t-shirts for the LLs. They got to choose their favourite colours, so there's a lot of blue and pink.

With very mixed reviews from attendees we've picked up TWO new(ish) machines this month, another rower and another Echo bike!
These things can be your biggest ally or biggest enemy. But like everything in here, they're a tool that needs to be used correctly to get the most from. On top of them coming up more and more in classes, Coach Ash has been writing a few Skill Sesh programs for people to level-up on the machines. Good as these machines and the training is, they always come with the same trap, as you get better they just go faster 😬

This year, officially, we're having our Chrissy party outside the gym, but like, just outside the gym, in the driveway!
Fairy lights, in the lane way, BYO esky and chairs, we'll get like 50 pizzas, and the BEST part, BYO air fryer. Everyone keeps going on about air fryer this, air fryer that, well, grab some frozen nuggies and let's see what you've got!
The gym itself will be the kids playground for the arvo, we'll put some Disney/Pixar on the projector, get the rowers out (kids love rowers), and for the most part they'll look after themselves.

​The MBC
It's only a week away! Next Saturday (27th) we'll be having the 2nd Mischief Before Christmas in-house competition! It's teams of two, over two different divisions, "Fun" & "Fury".

Three of the four workouts have been released to the teams, plans are being made for how to approach each workout, but the teams will have to be on their toes! On the day there will be a TWIST revealed for each workout; some minor condition for each workout that will put the gang on the spot with a problem to solve, exciting for some, down right frustrating for others :D


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