June Update!

In-House Comp #4!


The 2022 "Mess After Easter" which was so late in the year we renamed to the "Mess After, After, After Easter" went off with, well, kind of a whimper!

The first workout knocked people's socks off!

But everyone rallied to glorious victory after that!


This time around we had 30 competitors from the gym! Some with 10+ years experience, some in their first year, all levels, all fun!

The workouts (4 of them), while rough when you're in them, everyone felt pretty good the following days so it sounds like we hit the mark right on "test" and not "too much". We were really surprised how many of the competitors fronted up on Monday for class!

It's really fun having our comp right around the worldwide CrossFit semifinals, kind of playing along!

As usual we finished on time (2 minutes early, just sayin...)

Next in-house comp will be late November 💪🤠




These chilly months are always a bit of a test!

If it's 9degrees outside it's only 11-12 inside the gym. The early mornings can really creep up.

By everyone committing to their schedule and keeping in the mix even in the heart of winter, it makes us all a bit more resilient.

It's not always about lifting the most or being the fastest, sometimes it's just about getting in, getting SOMETHING done that day. Which kicks in to one of the big secrets, once you do the small thing, the small sacrifice, the bigger things easily roll on in!

"Oh, I'll just go in and stretch a bit" turns in to "I ended up doing CrossFit and Weightlifting class back-to-back".

The hardest part is the START!

Until next time...


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