July Update!

Lockdown #4 behind us!
Got through this one same as the others. Sticking to our super simple plan: Focus on the fitness.

Got the gym equipment in the hands of the people, got the workouts delivered through our apps and emails, got the shit-chat delivered through our videos, video classes, text messages, and phone calls. It's not our first choice but as above, focus on the fitness.

In the gym, in the house, in LIFE, consistency is key.
The two new echo bikes have arrived, now with FOUR of these steel devils we'll be using them in more workouts, learning how to pace ourselves and get the most out of them. Such a powerful tool but so dangerous (for your vomit reflex) in the early days 😈

The Kids!
The Little Larrikins and Lil Little Larrikins kick off next week, all the kids from the last program sound excited, and as most of them are here with their Mums and Dads during the school holidays they sure look excited to be back! I think we could leave them with a gym full of ropes and rings and they'd tire themselves out... after a day.

Friend-of-the-gym Karo from TBC will be back on the 25th with her InBody machine to see how we're all going. There's like 40 bits of info the machine spits out, I'm always interested to see everyone's bone mass, body fat %, and visceral fat scores. From scan to scan there is SO much improvement, especially from 1st to 2nd scan. There's no drama if your first scan "looks like shit", so long as the next one shows an improvement.

I didn't even get in to all the fun comps coming up! This is already a wall of text, so until next time!



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