April Update! (no foolin)



A few weeks ago we arrived just before 5am, about to open the gate when off to the side, in the shadows, a creature watched on. Luckily it wasn't anything nefarious, it was a fluffy dog!


At first he was a bit reserved, unsure of the bright lights and strange people (feels).

This good boy, later identified as Patches, had walked about 3km from home and ended up in front of the gym!

After a morning of many pats, name guesses, and fluffy hugs, we took Patches to the good people at Arana Hills Vet Clinic and with their chip scanner they got us in touch with the owner. He was down right away to reunite with Patches. Come visit any time :D


Scales can be daunting enough, so how about scales that look in to your SOUL and really hit you with the hard truths 😅

It's always good to get the data (or is it "data"?) so you can tell if what you're doing lines up with your goals. The first one is very much "ok, I start here" then scan #2, #3, #11 let you know how things are tracking!


Karo (not pictured 🤣) and her Scan Van come by 2-3 times per year to give us a little check-up; then armed with the info we can stay on target!


Here comes Easter and the barrage of public holidays! Like we did last year we're going to have our in-house Mess After Easter competition!


With FUN as the top priority we can't go wrong, but for real, these workouts will leave everyone knowing they gave it their all!

Doesn't matter if you've been with the gym for a week or 5 years, everyone can get right in to it and spend and morning putting their training to the test 💪🤠

Until next time....




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