Late-August Update!


The last lockdown, Lockdown 5, caught us out a tad, from 3 days up to 8. Luckily not our first rodeo! We fired the Zoom back up for classes and also for a bit of group Olympics watching.

While we're FAR from being built around competitive CrossFit, they can be so much fun! It's a day or two with everyone hanging out, cheering each other on and DAMN do you push hard when the starting horn goes!

Being in class, subtly competing with your mates, that's fun every day! But when you're in a team, and the team is counting on YOU to perform, you'll find gears you didn't even know you had. It's a push like few others!


The year is, as they always do, racing away from us so quickly! Soon we'll be talking about end of year parties, the gym's 4th birthday (7 October), and the Mischief Before Christmas in-house competition.

It also gets me thinking "crap, what were the things I was DEFINITELY going to do this year? I should start them..."

Until next time....


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