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Come on in a to check us out, see if you like the cut of our jib. We love a chat so let's get in to one and see if our goals/chakras/stars are aligned and take it from there.

The Intro Classes!

After having a chat there are four main Intro classes, these are designed to get you CrossFit-capable. We'll schedule times that work for you.

Once we get going

CF Coaches are your Jedi Masters through the CrossFit game. Especially in your first month, and then on forever, we'll chat every day about the workouts, nutrition, and mindset. There's more going on than "BRAH DID YOU WORK OUT TODAY, BRAH?"

The Process

There's a reason one of our t-shirts says "I wish I started this shit when I was 20". Everything worth doing takes longer than you might think. The sooner you start, the better.

Your First Step

Get in touch with us by putting your stuff!

Who are you?

Nice one! Talk soon :)

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