The Team

Jake - Coach

My favourite part about fitness is seeing new folks work their way along the highway of fitness. From push-ups on your bedroom floor to running a Spartan Race, to joining up to be coached at a CrossFit gym, to who knows what! People are SO much stronger than they think. If someone comes in with a decent attitude anything can be trained. Want to be stronger? Yep. Want to have more endurance? Yep. Want to be taller? Sure, why not!

I was fitnessing with long, slow distance before I got pulled in to my first CrossFit gym (thanks, Loz). At a charming 59kg, I had work to do! That was in 2013 and it's been barbells, fun, and mumbled complaints ever since!

Ash - Coach

My favourite part about fitness is feeling strong and powerful as a woman. I want to be able to show other woman that it’s way more than okay to have muscle and strength. I’m not talking just about the physical stuff here, it’s the mental toughness too! Something that I believe a lot of people, both men and women lack is confidence. We all need challenges and goals to help us grow, and that will then give you confidence, especially when you achieve them.


I’ve been a strong competitor all my life through sport and dance and that’s where a lot of my determination comes from. My younger brother and I used to race each other in triathlons from home and he would usually win (I was scared on the bike) but I knew I could beat him so we would keep going until I won haha.


Fitness is about getting in and giving it your best go, creating a better life for you and the people around you. We take for granted the things we have and what our bodies can do, it’s quite amazing. Imagine being able to do that for most of your life span, not just the young years. I’m not saying everyone has to be elite athletes, but be the best you!


I started CrossFit in August 2016 and loved it from day one! Heck yeh it’s tough and you are constantly faced with new challenges but everyone is always there to support you. If you are looking for community then you have come to the right place! We are all a team and Larrikins we will be!


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