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Tuesday - 18/9/2018

If at LEAST one of these movements doesn't give you this facial expression then I envy you, big time!

For me it's the HSPU, those things, any strict pressing, it kicks my butt!

On a rough day I might look at that workout and think "yeah, nah". But that's a sub-optimal attitude to take. I'm ALWAYS happier with myself when I see a workout I know will be a real challenge and think "yeah, YEAH".

I've even got a favourite corny saying for it, "it's not the challenge that's the problem, it's your attitude about it that is".

Any day you can look at a workout that will really test you, smile to yourself at the challenge, and move forward, that's a good day. And you didn't even have to do anything. You just had a thought. A single thought for a good day. Good deal!


6 Strict HSPU

12 Toes To Bar

35 Double Unders

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