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Thursday - 27/9/2018

From the Saman hero workout! Jake - Jason - Frank - April - Natasha - Katherine - Kevin - Emanuel - Cody - Matt - Jason

The good folks at CrossFit Chiang Mai (CFCNX) were SWAMPED after the cave rescue but we're all sorted now and the $180 (4,051 THB) we raised has gone to the Foundation for Experiential Learning. They're a registered non-profit in Thailand that partners with CrossFit Chiang Mai for charitable events, and they pass the funds on to Saman's family.

Good on you all for giving generously with your time and your cash!

Tomorrow: Front Rack Lunge 8-8-8-8-8

AMRAP 12: 36 Lunges

24 H-Up

12 Burpee

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