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Saturday - 19/1/2019

Y'all see the same timelapse that we see? Darcy is always quick to get set up for a workout (or a watch-out) alongside Dad. I don't know a single CrossFitter that hasn't said "I wish I got in to CrossFit/Gymnastics/Weightlifting at that age." I'm bloody excited to see where these kids end up. Imagine snatching your own bodyweight in grade 12! The gym won't always beat out video games (GTA:San Andreas yanno...) but we sure try.

In TEAMS: 3 Rounds For Time 50 Wall Balls 9/6Kg 40 Burpees 30 Box Jump Overs 20 Thursters 50/35Kg 1600m Run

Thanks Again Faster Australia for looking after the #fitKids 💪👦

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