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Thursday - 20/9/2018

That's my brother, Pat, and my mum. Pat's been in Canada almost 2 years and no one from the family has been for a visit (sorry Pat, it's bloody far).

My Mum, hadn't left Australia in 40 years. Decided to pack a backpack and go hang out with my beer-swilling, share-house living brother in Canada. This was a bit of an obstacle for Mum, I don't think she's gone many places without Dad since the late 70s!

There's nothing we can't do. Jump on a plane all alone (plus 300~ randoms) to another country, go in to our first CF class fearful of all the judgement, or jump OUT of a perfectly good plane.

I heard that when we're babies we only fear loud noises and falling, everything else is learned. If we can rehab a bad back, or learn to walk on our hands, I don't see why we can't unlearn all our internal bullshit.

Here's to us! And to our mums!

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3


18 RKBS 24/16

200m Run

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